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Office Refurbishment Process

Scope of Works
A complete office refurbishment that consisted of the removal of stud walls, ceilings and flooring. Rebuilt new stud walls, new lay-in-grid ceilings, hang oak door sets, fix skirtings, plastering, install new glass balustrade and fit new carpet tiles.

*This project was completed in 3 phrases (work around staff)

Phase 1
Main Office was divided into 3 rooms.
Remove all stud walls creating open plan office space.
Add glass balustrading around the central staircase whilst building a new staircase to the mezzanine level.
Fix skirtings and lay new carpet tiles

Phase 2
Removed and rebuild the main corridor wall
Increase room sizes creating a more functional set of offices.
New plasterboard stud walls, plastering, new ceilings, skirting, oak door sets and new carpet tiles were added.

Phase 3
Two further big offices were converted into 3 New Offices.
Taking down stud walls and ceiling, remove carpet tiles, rebuild the stud walls making the 3 offices the same size.
Installed new oak door sets, skirtings, lay in grid ceilings and carpet tiles